» Dr. Gary Bates- Director and Professor Forage Research and Production

Gary Bates serves as the director of the UT Beef and Forage Center. Dr. Bates received his Ph. D in 1993 from the University of Georgia. He earned his M.S. in 1990 and B.S. in 1987 from Louisiana State University. Bates has served as the Forage Specialist with UT Extension since 1993. His educational program emphasizes the practices needed for profitable forage production and includes programs on grazing, hay, and multi-county field days. Major areas of his program cover forage species selection, establishment, fertilization, harvest, and storage.

Plant Sciences Department (865) 974-7324 gbates@utk.edu

» David McIntosh- Coordinator UT Beef and Forage Center

David McIntosh is the coordinator for the UT Beef and Forage Center and has been working with the University of Tennessee Forage Research Program since 2007. McIntosh earned his B.S. in Technical Communications in 2000; and in 2013 his M.S. in Plant Sciences focusing on forage managment and production. His background includes website development, forage variety trials, grant funded projects, and NIRS (Near Infrared Spectrography) for use in forage testing in Tennessee.

Plant Sciences Department (865) 974-7324 dmcintos@utk.edu