UT Beef and Forage Center

UT Extension

Brings educational programs and research-based information to Tennesseans working with local governments, community leaders, families, and individuals to address issues that help improve people's lives.

For specific questions related to your local forages or livestock; please contact your county local Extension office.

Local Extension Office

UT AgResearch

Promotes with applied research programs helping the agricultural, forest, and ornamental industries to be more efficient, improve the quality of rural life, and conserve soil, water, air, and wildlife.


Department of Animal Science

Animal Science is a diverse and fascinating blend of applied and basic life sciences, ultimately focused on enhancing the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of the domestic animal industries.

Plant Sciences
Department of Plant Sciences

Conducts academic, extension and research programs in agricultural and natural resource plant sciences, at facilities in Knoxville and several Research & Education Centers throughout Tennessee.

Weed Science
UT Weed Science

Is intended to provide high quality and current information about weed management issues in the state of Tennessee.


UT Agricultural & Resource Economics

The mission of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Program is to provide leadership for developing, delivering, and evaluating current and relevant agricultural economics and resource development educational programs for decision makers. Our vision is for Tennesseans to improve their knowledge, understanding, and application of economics to agricultural and rural issues.

Center for Native Grasslands    Management

Enabling producers and land managers with a background for effectively establish and manage native grasslands. Research includes natives forage production, biofuels production, and restoration of native grassland communities.

Soil, Plant and Pest Center

Provides information for all areas of production; soil testing, forage and crop analysis, plant and pest diagnosis, informational sheets, and diagnostics. 

Center for Profitable Agriculture

Provides educational programming and technical assistance to Tennessee Farmers interested in a value-added enterprise to improve farm income. Evaluating the costs of starting a new enterprise, navigating regulatory issues and identifying a potential market are some of the many challenges farmers may face when considering a value-added enterprise.

UT Crops

UT Agronomic Variety Trials

To provide the highest quality, unbiased, head-to-head yield and agronomic data on crop varieties that are being marketed, or targeted for marketing, to producers in Tennessee.. 


NIRS Consortium

Is an association of commercial laboratories, universities, government groups, plant research entities, and instrument companies that collaborate together to unify knowledge, accuracy, and application of NIRS technology.